ACID is a future-facing consultancy focused on Industrial Design, Product Development and User Experience. Through design informed by research, ACID aides the advancement of a wide-range of industries: from tech, transportation and medical, to wearables, urbanism and food. Sister studio to Andreu Carulla, ACID conceives products for their mass production.


We don't set limits; not for ourselves, not in the size of our projects, nor their complexity. By leaving our comfort zone behind, we challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best results.


Provoking change by way of a meticulous design process which is reflected in innovative outcomes. Revolution, evolution and re-evaluation.


Committed to the client, the end-use and the impact of design. Focused on ingenious research to achieve excellence without pause or exception, shoulder to shoulder with our clients.


Ever-open to new ideas and groundbreaking manufacturing to achieve firsts in specialised fields. Experimentation is our way forward.


From startups to world-renown brands, we optimise our resources for each and every need. Overcoming difficulties cleverly and efficiently: we are problem solvers.


Finding technology’s pulse, giving it a human touch and bringing warm simplicity to products. Always bearing in mind the end-user, weelevate function and remove superfluous elements, creating understandable and approachable products.