The coffee machine of the future. +



Inclusive Design

Timeless yet futuristic, precise yet approachable. Designed to integrate seemlessly into any environment, VISION comes in three sizes and various finishes. Crafted from fine materials such as marquina marble, stainless steel, glass or corian and assembled in Barcelona.

A New Way to Make Coffee A complete reimagining in interaction. We aimed to create the most intuiative and straightforward way for barista’s to excel at what they do best. Every element has been fine tuned to create a balanced workflow with an innovative joystick system integrated into every boiler group, allowing for complete control and concentration on the task at hand.

Sustainable Accredited by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, this is the most energy-efficient and sustainable coffee machine in the world. The multiboiler system allows to optimize the energy use and guarantees perfect thermal stability in every delivery with no residual salts, minerals or alkalinity. Coffee, tea and water have now their own completely independent water systems. This way, the water used in every delivery is always served in its best quality. VISION’s eco-design and energy efficiancy adapts by choosing the mode that best fits your needs.

Intelligently Connected Pushing coffee making forward. Iberital Connect allows for VISION to be tethered to an internet-connected device, allowing for remote control, delivery logs, deep analysis, profile configuration and recepie presets. Carefully considered digital design that perfectly complements physical interaction.

Designed in Every Detail Reimagined from the ground up, VISION represents our reimagining of the coffee machine of the future. Perfectly balanced details, material choices, careful market analysis, dozens of conversations and numerous models, mockups and prototypes. Resulting in coffee machine meant to take the industry into the next decade and beyond.