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Redefining Animal Vaccination

The Hipradermic is a revolutionary device that is redefining the way animals are vaccinated. Its cutting-edge micro needle technology is designed to provide a painless and stress-free experience for animals such as chickens and pigs. With the ability to penetrate between the pores of the skin, this device ensures that the vaccination process is quick and easy for the animal. The device is able to work through hundreds of vaccinations per session, and it only stops for swapping batteries and replacing empty vaccination cartridges. Its ergonomic design and precise weight distribution make it easy to use and reduces strain on the worker’s hand, making it perfect for extended use. The device is also easy to clean and stays sterile even in the most unsanitary environments, making it a reliable option for farmers and animal caretakers. The Hipradermic is not only an efficient tool, but also a beautifully crafted device that is a true testament to the power of thoughtful design and advanced engineering. It represents the future of animal vaccination, making it a game-changer in the industry.

Industrial Design
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