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Metalquimia 2022 Series

Improving worker safety

Introducing the Movimax Zero, Smart Mixer, and Rollerpress – three revolutionary products for our long-time partner, Metalquimia. We have a special history with Metalquimia, and we are proud to continue our partnership by introducing these products that merge design with sophisticated industrial machines. Our focus is on improving worker safety, functionality, aesthetics and simplifying production. The three products reimagine the way protein processing is done, with a highly sterile and efficient manner. These machines are not just tools, they are masterpieces of modern design, and a true testament to the power of thoughtful design and advanced engineering. The Movimax Zero, Smart Mixer, and Rollerpress represent the future of protein processing, making them game-changers in the industry. With Metalquimia, we are proud to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and we look forward to shaping the future of protein processing together.

Industrial Design
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